Feedback from our residents and their families

The following testimonials are from verified residents and families whose lives have been touched by Bridgecrest Rehabilitation Suites. Their heartfelt words are a reflection of our commitment to providing residents with a warm and nurturing environment that fosters respect, trust, reassurance and healing.

If you or a family member have been, or are currently, a resident at Bridgecrest Rehabilitation Suites and would like to share an experience you have had with us, please send us your own testimonial.

"They're a positive place. They're doing the best they can. The rehab therapists try, and if he doesn't comply because I'm not there, that's rough on them. The staff is the ones I see the most. If I ask for something they help out. One of the aides was in there helping him eat, and she was being so nice to him. Overall, everybody I've run into has been nice to me. Even the staff, I talk to them, and they're pretty cool with me. When I come to the door, the ladies at the reception desk are nice. Some nurses come in and are going to work harder than others. When I'm there they work hard."

"I can't say how they work when I'm not there. They make sure everything is clean around the room. To me the facility is nice. It gives me a sense of comfort, with the staff that is there and it being clean. They were feeding him pureed food. I let him know he can eat solid foods. They're grinding his food now instead of pureeing it. They've been telling me things. I've spoken with the wound care nurse, the head nurse, and the therapy people. They've made sure I know about any outside appointments so I can go with him."

"When I visited I was happy with what I saw. I liked the facility I thought it was very nice."

"She liked it fine. Everything is good. They were very friendly."

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